The SPACE// by iOhouse

Live wherever you like. Move whenever you want.
The Space by iOhouse is an off the grid, modern-concept living space.

Self-Contained, Off-grid System

No contracts. No obligations. The SPACE by IO House is a modern living solution requiring absolutely nothing from the “grid.” All the utilities you need are integrated and completely autonomous, including water, electricity, heating and wifi. A smart device is all that is required to monitor and manage your living experience. The perfect fusion of technology and design, The SPACE provides you with the flexibility to live independently and free.

Modern Environment

The SPACE by IO House offers you the most advanced conveniences of modern life with the smallest ecological footprint. Constructed from premium materials, the quality of the build and the nature-friendly design create a comfortable and environmentally sensitive living space. Truly ahead of its time, IO House’s vision represents the future of sustainable living and harmonious comfort. The SPACE by IO House sets a new living standard for all forward-thinking people.

Best Location

The SPACE by IO House is designed for people who value beautiful, natural locations. With our integrated technology and self-sustained systems, you can position your new house by a lake or a river, in the middle of the woods or even on the slope of a hill. Meadows or mountains, forests or fjords – live wherever your heart takes you. The SPACE is specially designed for easy moving and adaptability.



Enjoy your home to the fullest with the help of IO House smart-home technology. The SPACE’s modern tech innovations give you full control over your home even when you’re out on the town or traveling abroad. Weather reports, heating settings, energy consumption – everything is just one click away. Our state of the art systems allow worldwide access from more than 70 countries.


No contracts, no obligations. The SPACE by IO House frees you from being shackled to utility networks. The revolutionary design also gives you freedom of location. With our integrated technology you can easily move your house to your ideal dream spot – be it by a lake, a river or on the slope of a hill.


The SPACE by IO House is the perfect blend of technology and art. Every detail – from the fittings and fixtures to the shape of the rooms – has been carefully considered and designed to maximize both the comfort and the aesthetics of the home. Luxury in living meets the tranquility of nature; only the most premium materials have been used in pursuit of the perfect balance.


IO Houses are created for people who love nature and want to preserve the environment, as our designs are respectful of both passions. We have endeavoured to create a home where every single detail is in complete harmony with natural living.

About the Space project

IO House provides innovative off-grid housing solutions that can be utilized the world over. The SPACE by IO House can be transported to any location of your choosing. The house does not require external sewage, electrical or water systems. Heating, ventilation and other related living systems are integrated directly into the home.

This project has been developed by some of the world’s leading housing and technology specialists utilizing state of the art electronic solutions for modern homes.

The SPACE by IO House is:

  • connected to your mobile phone or tablet 24/7, wherever you are
  • environmentally friendly; made with empathy and care
  • freedom to live and move wherever you like, whenever you like.
  • Architecture and design

Architecture and Design

The SPACE by IO House was developed by designers and leading specialists who envisioned a modern space perfectly aligned with nature. Creating a sense of harmony between nature and modern living inspired our every decision. Clean lines, contemporary style and clarity of form were also guiding principals in achieving this goal.

The modern world forces people to work hard and stress even harder. Your home, therefore, should be a haven of comfort and peace. A modern and timeless design, the architecture of The SPACE focuses on creating simplicity and tranquility while still evoking the heritage and traditions of the past.

The IO House is a luxurious, high-quality living environment. The design creates the perfect harmony between nature and architecture – clean, timeless, dignified. The SPACE is not just a house – it’s a way of life.


Only the best materials have been used for the interior of the home. Natural materials and modern technology combine to create an indoor space that is comfortable, functional and breath-taking. Wood, wool, glass and metal come together in an ideal union built to both honour and incorporate the natural world. No synthetic materials of any kind have been used in The SPACE project.
Heritage and tradition meet technology and style to produce a comfortable and stunning living environment with natural warmth and organic charm.

We didn’t just create a house; we created a piece of livable art designed to exist both in nature and as a part of nature. The SPACE by IO House is the future of modern living – a living space that considers the environment and its surroundings first and foremost without sacrificing comfort or style.

The Space by IO House Makes For A Beautiful Home

The SPACE by IO House has been specially designed for spending time off with your kids, family and friends. The SPACE is equipped with all of the comforts of a modern home. Warm colours and premium materials combine with soft and luxurious accents to create a safe and inviting house that is a delight to share.

Every modern convenience has been incorporated into the home, creating a house that has the look and feel of a luxury super yacht. All electrical, digital and utility systems are organically integrated to function autonomously in the background, so you’ll never have to give them a second thought.

The SPACE is not a series of obligations and chores, but rather an opportunity to enjoy limitless freedom and true peace of mind.

We create modern style and comfort
through innovation and functional design!




Residential Area – 60 m2
Width – 5m
Length – 12 m
Weight – 19 tons

Residential Systems

Electricity – solar panels plus generator
Electrical system – 220v
Heating – air heat pump
Climate/cooling – yes
Water system – yes (built in, volume – 2000 l)
Sewer system – yes (built in, capacity 3000 l)
Ventilation system – yes, inlet and outlet.

Kitchen Appliances

Gas cooker
Washing machine
Coffee machine/ hot water & steamer
Water purifier

Home Features

Weather station
TV system
Stereo systems
Wifi ready
Security system
Digital network security
Security camera
Smoke detector
Hot water monitor
Automatic GPS positioning
Internet-based app control of the IO Smart House
Technical room

Furnished with: kitchen furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furnishings, shower room fittings

The SPACE is the result of taking a functional approach to product development. This combination of form and function means that every technical solution is developed with consideration for the overall aesthetic beauty. Every detail, every fitting, every room is carefully analysed and designed to contribute to the overall appeal of The SPACE, which is now regarded as a state of the art standard in modern housing.


First and foremost, for progressive people who wish to use the house as a summer cottage or as a second home. The SPACE would also be suitable as a personal office or professional studio.

No external connections are necessary. All systems required for living have already been integrated into the house and are designed to run independently. The house has a private power supply and internet connection.The water and sewage tanks are of sufficient size to last a party of two for up to two weeks.

All European water and sewage companies provide this service. If necessary, the IO House Service Centre can help you find an appropriate company.

You can order water delivery from most any European water provider. If necessary, the IO House Service Centre will provide assistance.

Under normal circumstances, a party of two can live in the house for up to two weeks, depending on consumption levels. When using an outside water/waste service as mentioned above, the house can easily be lived in all year round!



Tel: +46 72 931 35 08
E-mail: info@iohouse.se

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