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How to buy the Space?

We have received a lot of questions about our order process, and we decided to put together a general overview on how to buy the Space house. Important would be to bring out that a big benefit for the customer buying prefabricated house, is that it has a fixed price and You can be sure of its quality. No hidden tricks.


We always bring a parallel with buying a car or a yacht, while thinking of buying the Space house.
It´s possible to take the Space as put together by our team or You can modify some parts and solutions, taken into consideration where and how You´d like to use it. Personalization of a buyers living experience is very important to us. In the end it would be something, that would have to match with buyers own style and lifestyle.

HERE ARE 3 Steps to think of how to buy the Space:

·        Where You´d like to use the Space? Are there all the external utility connections, like water, sewerage, electricity available?
·        How You´d like to use it? Are You happy with our interior layout or You´d wish to have a bespoke version?
·        Do You have any special wishes about the materials, colors, technology?

We always recommend to come and test out our showcase house in Estonia. We can guarantee that this would give You a great overview of the systems and You can get the real feel of how it would be to live in it.


After we have finalized all Your wishes and needs, we will do You a price offer and sales agreement, that includes the payment schedule that has been divided into 4 phases. Now the production can begin.
Throughout the different construction phases we keep active communication with the buyer (wherever they are in the world), and they can see live or through video, how their dream house is rising. In case needed, it’s possible to do some small changes in the interior and exterior if a customer’s wishes so. Construction process takes about 5 months. In the end of this cycle, our team of engineers will audit the technological systems and test if everything works perfectly.

INSTALLATION and paperwork

The Space 60m2 house will be transported in one piece with a trailer car or a cargo ship, depending on the location. We can ship worldwide. Installation process takes only few days and the site works itself are minimal. This process doesn´t harm the nature or the surroundings. In case needed, it would be very easy to move the same house for several times (from the beach plot in Italy, to the mountains in Switzerland.). For example we have changed our showcase house location for 3 times. Since the off-gid model doesn´t need any external connections, this gives us freedom to move wherever we like (no need to think about the utilities). These are integrated to the house, and work seamlessly.
Paperwork- this is something that may vary from country to country, so we would recommend to hire a local architect who would communicate with the local municipality, and get all the needed licenses, for installing the Space.


Every customer and a every the Space model is unique for us. We start to build the house exactly for our customer´s needs, and in a way there are no identical houses. The general look can be the same, but in the end the devil is in the details, and the dream house has to make the life comfortable for its user.



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