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How AI is used in the Space

AI and the Internet of Things are driving the expansion of smart home markets.
As AI continues to expand automation’s capabilities, such as replicating human decision-making and anticipating human behavior, it offers huge benefits in terms of convenience and smart support.

AI making life easier

It is no longer important to think about electricity, water, and other vital resources and their existence or saving. This work is done by a modern computer system e. AI. The application of AI in managing the smart home infrastructure in “The Space” off-grid house is in the model´s control system, which is the owner’s water consumption, electricity consumption, and preferred heating methods. In addition to everything else, it informs the service company if the house´s system needs maintenance or if it is necessary to clean the sewage system or maintain the water systems.

Smart home controlled from Your pocket

Smart home-linked devices provide the data, and the AI learns from the data to do particular activities without human interaction. For example, the system learns about the owner’s preferences, and knowing that you arrive home around 7 p.m., the house is heated up to a temperature the house owner prefers, and the lights are on. Knowing that you are leaving at 09 am, the system’s task is to set all systems to stand by after locking the doors. You save both energy and money. Excessive worries remain in the system.

The entire house and its mechanisms can be easily controlled on a mobile phone. The owner is primarily responsible for monitoring and setting the preference, everything else is done by AI connected program. In addition to technical solutions such as light, cooling, heating, etc. it is possible to add there various services. e.g. sewage and water system maintenance, garden and yard maintenance, technical inspection and monitoring of systems and security, set up a smart kitchen, incorporate it to voice commands etc.

Sustainable future

Smart Homes appeal to the technologically savvy while cutting energy expenditures and enhancing security, and saving costs. iOhouse´s team values the goal of moving towards a sustainable and smart future and spending only as much as necessary.



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