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About off-grid living – house transportation

We often receive questions about whether the house can be transported to a location where there is no electricity, water, sewage, or highways. Away from it all to enjoy true off-grid living.

People forget one simple thing. If you want a house where there is nothing, not even a driveway, how do you get to the house yourself in such a case? How do you bring there your food and drinks, how do you invite guests, how do you come home from work wearing a dress suit through the forest?

An off-grid house also needs a some kind of connection to the world. The minimum that is needed is a road. You should be able to comfortably get to your private property by car. The Space house needs regular service, water, and sewerage and the power plant needs service at least 1x a year, so a driveway is necessary. A driveway is necessary to reach your home in the dark, to invite guests, and to feel comfortable and safe.


A road is necessary to transport the house. The Space house can only be transported by truck and lifted by crane. It is not difficult – because the house is in one piece and withstands transportation well. There must be enough space to move along the path. The weight of The Space weighs 30 tons, the length is 15 m, and width is 5 m.

It doesn’t matter what kind of off-grid house to transport – you always need a road and a crane. This is the starting point when ordering a house. Is the location that has been selected suitable for transportation? IO House offers its customers the opportunity to use the help of our engineer, who checks the possibility of transportation in advance. If necessary, we will check on-site whether the house can be transported and what needs to be taken into account.


In summary – an off-grid house is a great opportunity to be on your own away from civilization, but a little civilization and the presence of roads is good and increases the ease of use of the house.



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